Have you ever had one of those experiences when you were certain that one thing was going to happen, and instead the complete opposite ends up occuring? It’s a feeling of utter amazement and can leave you absolutely stunned. It can be something as simple as a student getting a much higher grade on an exam than they expected, or a life-changing event such as overcoming an illness, affliction or an area you’ve been struggling with for years. Those are miracles and yes, they do happen more often than we realize. Some are obvious and others take time to see the actual results, like a woman that struggles for several years with a food addiction and suddenly gets the resolve to join a diet program and emerges 2 years later, a hundred pounds lighter. True story!

A few months ago, I had one of those completely unexpected events happen that defies the laws of  motion. It was on my way home from a church service. We had a guest speaker that night, by the name of T.D. Jakes. Ever hear of him? Anyway, it was one of those services where you go in like you do every week and everything is fine, and yet from the first worship song until the end of service you find yourself crying and you don’t know why. It was like that for me, a soothing sense of peace  from  the sweet presence of God that was there that night.

On the way home, I still felt this peace and remembered a song from many years ago called “He is Here Right Now” sung by John Starnes. While I was kind of humming/singing this, I noticed that a car got into my lane several feet in front of me and was driving slowly under the speed limit. I checked to make sure I could change lanes safely and when I looked forward again, all I saw were his brake lights and me quickly heading toward them. Without even thinking, I jerked the steering wheel to avoid hitting him. I was in my SUV and could feel all the weight in the rear of the vehicle as it began to cross over into the other lane towards the cement guard rail along the freeway. I got that sickening out- of- control feeling that I was going to hit it and there was nothing I could do, but brace myself for impact. Suddenly, to my surprise,  I felt the entire weight of the SUV suddenly shift back to normal and straighten up perfectly in the lane and I continued driving on. I looked in the rearview mirror and all the traffic behind us slowed waaay down and kept a very safe distance from us. I knew that either I missed my calling to be a professional stunt car driver, or angels had stopped my SUV from skidding out of control.  I knew it wasn’t the former and it had to have been the latter!  It was a very awesome moment as I thanked and praised God for protecting me as He promises in this verse:

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways…”  Psalm 91:11 

It let me know that God isn’t finished with me yet! I’m here for a reason, and so are you!

Be blessed and encouraged, everyone!