The holiday season is a wonderful time filled with friends, family, food, music and fun.  It’s a time to create lasting memories to cherish with loved ones and give thanks for all the blessings we’ve received from God above.  For some, however, it can be a a bittersweet time to remember  loved ones that have passed on to eternity.  My dad passed away on Thanksgiving weekend in 2009 and as I come upon this second year without him, it’s comforting sometimes to remember that all of this is temporary.  I wrote this today while reflecting about the up-coming week:



A Day Soon Coming

A day is approaching and even now coming
When hearts will no longer be broken. 
Words will be used to heal wounded souls
And curses never again be spoken.

And it shall be as it was meant to be,
Before the dawn of time
Where grief and sorrow have no dwelling
And neither a rock to climb.

Where love shall shine so brilliantly
Causing the light of the sun to fade.
Joy and peace will flood every heart
As new heavens and earth are made.

Until that day let us abide in Him
To strengthen and encourage one another,
Keeping our hearts knitted in grace
And tightly bound together.

Be blessed!