God Fix Ministries is a blog ministry to help encourage and instill hope to those who may be hurting, lonely or lost. It’s a glimpse into my own life and perspective as one who has gone through the thick of brokeness and has found God’s grace and love on the other side. I’m still on my journey and will stumble here or there, but I have seen the first rays of sunlight that come the morning after. If anything I’ve learned and discovered along the way can ease someone else’s quest or maybe find their way back, then every step has been worth it.  The name comes from the experience of love, joy, peace and healing that I have received in God’s presence, especially when I’ve gathered for worship with other believers in The Church. The Bible says when two or more are gathered in His name, He is there in the midst of them (Matthew 18:20). What I affectionately refer to as my “God Fix” has sometimes been the only thing to give me the strength to get through the most difficult and darkest times in my life. The name also refers to the great Healer that can fix what the rest of the world would consider beyond repair. Nothing is impossible for Him. He can make everything brand new again!