shamrock-wallpaper-for-pc_1152x864_7735331Once there was a group of young men on a break from college hiking up a huge, vast mountain. They had just finished taking exams and were ready for an adventure. Another man and his wife who were both in their early forties were hiking up the same mountain, but on a different path. The couple had a map that they were using to guide them. The wife had relatives who had grown up near the mountain and had drawn a map for the couple of all the best places to see the most spectacular views and breath-taking scenes. About half way up the mountain, the couple came upon an open shaded spot with two paths that continued onward.

One of the paths was wide with lush foliage lining the way. In the distance they could hear the sound of rushing water beyond the trees. The other path was very narrow, with rocks and boulders strewn about that would make it difficult to pass through. They stopped to take a look at the map to see which one was the right path. They saw that the wider path would lead them to a waterfall, but a huge red X was drawn over that path with the word NO circled underneath it. When they saw that they would have to go up the narrow path, they decided to rest before tackling the challenging climb. They knew that once they reached the top, the view and scenery as the sun was setting would be something to treasure for a lifetime and they wanted to be ready to take it all in.

Moments later they heard the voices of the young men making their way to the clearing. When the group arrived the husband greeted them with “Hello there” while his wife smiled and waved. The young men avoided eye contact, and ignored them. The group paused briefly to look at the two paths. One of them pointed to the wide path and said “There must be a river or something over there. Let’s go jump in it to cool off“. When they headed in that direction, the husband stood up and called out to them. “I wouldn’t go there if I were you! That’s the wrong path!” One young man, wearing an orange baseball cap with a hawk on the emblem, spit on the ground and looked at the man. “Maybe wrong for you, but we can handle it. We’re not old like you, grandpa.”

Hurrying toward them, the husband again warned them. “It’s not safe! I’m telling you! It’s too dangerous! The other path over there will take you to the mountain top! “ The young man replied “How do you know? Have you even been on this mountain before?” The husband said “No, I haven’t, but that map my wife has in her hands says the right path is over there!” and pointed to the narrow, rocky path. The wife quickly whisked the map over, pointing to a red X on it as her husband stood in front of the group to stop them from going further. The young man swatted the map away and said “That’s just a made up piece of paper! Who drew it? A two year-old? You’re probably just keeping people away, so you can have the place all to yourselves! Well, too bad! We’re about to get this party started!” The other boys snickered and turned to each other and bumped their fists. The wife, picking up the map off the ground said. “Listen here, young man! My relatives grew up here and drew this map! They have been over every area of this mountain! If they say it’s dangerous and to avoid it, then that’s what my we’re going to do! I trust them because I know they love us and don’t want anything bad to happen to us!” The young man looked straight at her and said “Lady, your relatives were probably as boring as you and your old man here with no sense of adventure! We’re here to experience all that life has to offer! You only live once and we may as well make it as exciting as we can! Now back off! “

The couple again jumped in front of them as they both pleaded, “Don’t go! Please! You’re going to end up dead if you go that way!” The young man in the orange hat suddenly shoved the husband to the ground and out of the way. As his wife went to help her husband, another young man in a black T-shirt stepped in between to block her, causing her to fall to the ground. The young men slipped away from the couple and laughed to each other “Like they can really stop us!” and they mocked the words of the couple.

The man got up and reached his hand out toward his wife. “Are you okay, honey?” She replied as she took his hand. “I’m little sore, but okay. How are you?” “I’m fine, but those boys won’t be…” as he looked helplessly down the path where the boys had disappeared from sight. The couple could still hear the young men laughing and yelling in the distance. Suddenly they heard a loud rumbling and crashing sound and the young men swear, before giving way to silence. The only sound was the rushing waterfall.

The couple looked at each other and, quickly and cautiously, made their way to where they heard the sound. The path began to turn rocky as they got closer to the waterfall. The husband stopped suddenly and grabbed his wife. He pointed to the sudden drop off along the path that had crumbled as the boys had crossed it. As they looked down all they could see was a pile of rocks on the edge of the shore next to the waterfall. There was no trace of the boys. The husband called down “Hello? Can any of you hear me?” No one answered. The husband called down again, this time his voice breaking. “If you can hear me, please answer!” Again, there was nothing but silence. The wife began to cry softly as her husband sadly shook his head. In silence they hurried to make the long trip back to alert the park rangers.

A rescue mission was put into place to search for the young men. Right before nightfall the bodies of three of them were found under the pile of rocks from the avalanche. No one spoke as the team cleared away the rocks off the boys. They were identified by the ID in their backpacks and their families were called. As their grieving parents arrived on the scene, the boys were gently placed on stretchers, and each one was put into a separate ambulance. The young man who had argued with the couple was still missing. The next morning, his parents stood on the shore, weeping as they peered up at the waterfall. The couple who had last seen the boys walked further down the shore, filled with sorrow as they shared their thoughts about the day before. “ If only I had tried harder to convince them, they would still be alive and their families wouldn’t be dealing with all this.” said the husband. His wife gently put her arm around her husband. “You did everything you could. They chose not to listen.” They continued to walk further down the shore away from the scene, until suddenly the wife stopped and whispered, “Honey, look…” An orange baseball hat with a hawk on the emblem had washed ashore. They knew at that moment that he had fallen into the waterfall and carried down the river, and most likely, would never be found.

The End

No, I didn’t write this story to depress people.  I wrote it to make an analogy as to what it’s like for Christians. Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Friday, Christians have been labeled as haters.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  If the case had involved a man wanting to marry two women, Christians would have been just as opposed.  It is Government infringing on the freedom of religion for Christians.  As a Christian the Supreme Courts decision makes as much sense to me as if a group of people insisted passages from the Qur’an be read at every church service, or a statue of Buddha or a Hindu goddess in every church.  I don’t want to give anyone ideas so I’ll stop there, but you see my point!

The husband and wife in the story represent Christians.  The map represents the Bible and the young men represent unbelievers.  Now imagine if the couple felt that they should mind their own business and let the boys go their own way without saying a word?  Or if they thought all groups of young men were up to no good and decided the boys deserved to die.  Would that be love?  I mean, they’re leaving the boys alone and letting them enjoy their lives, right? Absolutely not!  Stopping the boys and telling them about the danger of the direction they were heading was the most loving thing they could have done.

Notice their response after the boys died.  They didn’t gloat and say “Haha, they learned their lesson!”  No, no, no! They grieved for them and the great future they could have had once they reached the mountain top.  They grieved for the families who had to deal with the pain of loss.  It’s the same for Christians.  We want everyone to make it to the mountain top.  We see the danger ahead as stated in the Bible and we love everyone enough to tell them the truth.  Even more than that, we see the amazing future that God has for us through Jesus Christ, and we want everyone to be a part of it.

If you’d like to find out more on how to make peace with God, Click on this link link on. Remember God created the universe and He loves you so much!  Blessings to you!