I’ve been a believer in Jesus Christ for over thirty years now. I’ve seen many changes and shifts during this time, but lately it seems to have come full circle. People that influenced me very early in my Christian walk seem to be appearing all over again. Pastor Tommy Barnett and the Christian band, The Katina Brothers, have recently ministered in my current church which is over a thousand miles away from the church in which I first became aware of them almost 25 years ago. It’s pretty amazing to see how their ministries and lives in Christ have continued to grow and be blessed throughout all these years. Tommy Barnett’s son, Matthew, has founded the Dream Center in Los Angeles, which is transforming broken lives and bringing hope to many in that city. So in an age where trends and fads change and evolve over time, it’s comforting to know that Christ is my anchor and His love, grace and mercy never ever change. In keeping with this thought, it seems only fitting to revisit the Romans Road here, for these are the scriptures that remind us that we were all born with the sin nature in our hearts. We all were condemned whether our sins were the big ones, such as murder or stealing or the little ones such as pride, jealously or envy. It’s in believing these scriptures in the Roman’s Road that leads us to accept what Jesus did on Calvary and make Him our Lord over our lives that leads all who are willing to righteousness. It’s nothing about what we do, it’s all about what He did. It’s all about His grace. Below is an image I found from the internet that you can click on that shares the Roman’s Road scriptures. Read them and be blessed, everyone!