Think the water in your cup is too murky to bring into God’s house? Maybe your cup is empty and caked with mud…or maybe your cup has been dry so long that a thick layer of dust has formed inside. Bring it to Him anyway! Let Him pour His fresh, pure water into your cup. He has a fountain of living water that will never run dry.

There are many people who find every reason to stay away from church. One mistaken belief I want to bring to light is that you have to get your act together and clean yourself up before you can enter God’s house. Recently, I found myself with these very thoughts after a trip to my hometown. While visiting, I allowed family and friends to take priority over spending time with God. After being away so long, I felt like I had to somehow “ready myself” to go back to church, and quite honestly, was reluctant to do so, until I remembered my pastor sharing this illustration in a message several months ago.

If you’re like me, you may believe you are a hypocrite going to church when you don’t feel like it, or that you’re being fake and phony when you have unresolved issues or addictions that you struggle with. Go anyway! God loves you and looks at your heart. He already knows that you can’t overcome some things in your own strength. He knows you can’t clean your own heart and keep every thought and motive pure, which is why Jesus Christ came to this world. The blood He shed on the cross is the only way our sin can be removed. The Holy Spirit does the work in us that we can’t do, and empowers us to live our best life!

Don’t concern yourself with what others may think of you in God’s house, either. If you feel someone has a wrong attitude towards you, or is critical of you, know that God sees their hearts and is already working on them in His own way. The point is for all of us to come together and get filled. It is then we have God’s love in our hearts and have the ability to turn around and help others along the way.

So don’t just bring your cup once or twice, but bring it to Him again and again! His living water will push out the dirt, the dust and the muck. One day soon you will look down and see that the water is clear and and your cup is clean! You and those around you will be able to see the color, style and the beauty of detail that the One who formed you designed so uniquely!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain as you bring your cup to His house over and over…and the best news of all, you’ll never be thirsty again!

Scripture: Jeremiah 18:1-4, John 4:10-14